Get Fast and Accurate Counting with CountThings from Video Software


CountThings from Video software automatically detects, counts, and tags moving items
  • Items on a conveyor
  • Livestock
  • Items being loaded into boxes or containers


To ensure accuracy, we will help you with initial set-up.
We will assess whether you can use one of our existing Counting Templates. If not, we will create a new Counting Template for your use case.
After the initial setting, ongoing use is simple and easy.


Document your counting results and other related data with:
  • Integration with other systems or databases, email or external web services
  • Customizable CSV files

Integrate with your Workflow

Our software can provide real-time feedback during the count:
  • Show statistics in real time.
  • Start / stop counting based on external sensors or visuals.
  • Notify user and trigger external relay when the count reaches a certain number of items - for example, 50 items to fill each box.
  • Send results to other systems or databases, email or external web services in real time.

CountThings from Photos

Need to Count static items from Photos?Try our CountThings from Photos app.


$500 /month No long term commitment

$3000 /year


Start counting now!

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Windows Computers & Tablets
64-bit Windows software
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